Tuesday, October 9, 2012

G to the EEK!

Ever have a great idea just before falling asleep?  That's when the notion of silly, childish birthday portraits hit me.  I giggled myself awake, giddy with this idea.  What's more, everyone I told responded with full-blown enthusiasm.  Many of them asked if I minded copycats.  I don't mind a bit!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks I'm hilarious!
 I know a few photographers, and I hope none of them mind that I didn't book a sitting with them.  For the most cheese-tastic, geek-a-rific effect possible, it had to happen in a department store studio.

Fortune was favoring me when I approached the portrait studio desk at JCP.  The 20-something man's eyes lit up when he heard my plan.  

"I'm turning 40 next month, and I want pictures of me that look like that," I pointed at a frilly, tutu-wearing four-year-old.

 "That's so totally fun!" he said. 

 My response was to request a booking whenever he was scheduled since he "got it."

 Next stop: an accessory store.  Is it possible to go overboard with a plan like mine?  I doubt it, but a budget held me back.  That, and how wide my hips looked in the tutus.

 Finishing touches: helium balloons from the florist.  I considered making a mess of a birthday cake, but decided that would be a bridge I'd leave uncrossed.  After all, this is about to become a national sensation.  It's going to catch on and be so big, businesses will advertise milestone birthday picture packages for all ages.  Elderly couples are going to start taking silly photos on their anniversaries.  You're welcome.
 Maybe it's a sign of how dull my life has become, but this project was incredibly amusing.  My son wanted in on the fun, which made the photo session even more of a blast.  The photographer and the two of us laughed and got as silly as we could.
 I don't generally enjoy having my picture taken, but I totally recommend this sort of experience.  It's as relaxing as a massage, and now I've got oodles of wallet-size photos to give to friends and family.
 Go ahead-- book a photo fun day on your own or with a group of friends.  It's well worth the money.