Monday, June 25, 2012

Measure Up

We have sold our house and found another, so an era of measuring our child and marking his height on the wall must end.  Unwilling to lose this important data, an alternative had to be found.  Thanks goes to Crab & Fish for providing the perfect solution: a gigantic ruler!

Using her plans as inspiration, I re-puposed a board that used to serve as a shelf above the French door in our kitchen. I measured out the markings and used a paint marker and a builder's square to make the lines as straight as I could.  The stencils available at the store didn't match my original vision, but they'll do.  Today, I'm headed back to the big box craft store to purchase smaller stencils so that I can letter his name along the open side of the "ruler" to personalize it.

I think this will be my new standard baby shower gift, though I may not personalize them since not every family is complete with one child.