Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is one of those time-out, change-of-season days when I feel like purging my home of superfluous things. I want to open the closets and haul un-needed contents away to thrift or recycling centers. I want to re-organize and arrange drawers and cabinets. I am filled with zeal for the project, and in my former life I would have tackled it instantly.

In my current life, however, there are obligations. I promised my son we would go see Grandma today. And said son would cheerily, but destructively, examine and romp through any piles I made anyway. (Not that I'm complaining--my boy is the best!)

Perhaps this mood will strike again when I have a rare and blissful day alone. Yeah right! That's when I sew!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm new to the craft show scene, and have miles to go before my booth will have the ambiance I desire. Spending money on the endeavor seems counter-productive at this point, since I'm merely feeling out the market, and whether it's spending time away from my family to sell on weekends.

That said, I did enjoy my first attempt, and want trial number two to feel even better. My goal for next time has been to improve my display quality without spending much. I'm almost ready!

Display #1: $0
I built this case with leftover lumber, paint, and clothesline. The back is covered with fabric I had.

Display #2: $22.oo
It's the picture that's crooked, not the board! I bought the peg board and pegs, then used the same paint as for display number one. The molding frame was re-purposed from an old shelving project in my house on which I'd used the wrong shade of stain.

Display #3: $0 (Not pictured here, but seen next to my sewing machine on an early post.)
This mini baker's rack held plants in my kitchen long ago. In recent years, it's held sewing supplies. I need to scrub it up with some steel wool, but it will serve as a nice unit to show purses. It's not too heavy, but it's bulky and will be a pain to transport.

Display #4: $1.00
A wide wooden dowel from a garage sale will be suspended between the baker's rack and headband case, or an old painter's ladder. On the dowel, I'll suspend wall-hangings and aprons for sale. There won't be room for this when I share a booth, but it will work if I go solo next summer.

I've also been assembling additional pieces from home and thrift stores, such as tablecloths, picture frames, baskets, and even a valance in a coordinating fabric that may become my banner if I find the time to applique my shop name to it. It's fun to work on, and certainly a challenge to do on a budget. Ideas abound for an expensive display, but thriftiness should assure me of a unique look.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Advice and Inspiration

Here's a shot of one of my new items--a reversible apron!

I have two links to share today. The first, is a concise guide to setting up a smashing craft show booth. I've referred to it often and you will, too.

The second is from an Etsy forum about studio space. I'm a total voyeur when it comes to workshops and crafting areas. I soak up every image shared on Flickr, Etsy, and anywhere else. From the chic to the shabby, the baren and the overflowing, this one stands out as Most Neat and Organized Area I've ever seen! It belongs to AngelKissesAlaska ( Check it out yourself:

I've been reading many-a-blog found on Blog Love forums on Etsy, and regardless of the art form and topic, inspiration is guaranteed.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Is the mail here yet?

I'm so eager to wear my new necklace from It's perfect for me: a modest carpentress and level-headed person!

Another store I recommend to everyone is Her merchandise is beautifully photographed, colorful, and lust-worthy.

Right now, I'm in factory mode. I'm logging my time to figure out how much time it takes to create an apron. Since I cut, iron, piece, pin, and sew in an assembly-line fashion for each step, I'll divide my total time by the nine aprons I'm making and post my results when they're finished (hopefully this weekend).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shopping Spree

The Rowenta
Professional Ironing Board!

I had the chance to shop without my son at my side, and therefore spent far more than usual. I'm still a little giddy, and a little guilty, over the experience. Check out my haul!

The display model Rowenta ironing board was 50% off at Bed Bath and Beyond. I added my 20% off coupon to make it a super-steal, and now I don't hate to iron quite as much as I used to. It's the mother of all ironing boards! The top is extra wide, and the legs offer more stability than I knew was possible for an ironing board.

I can justify the purchase since I spend hours upon hours at my ironing board, steaming, piecing, and pinning fabric. And I will never need another in my life.

I also had a 25% off coupon for Michael's 'Nuff said! Picked up some felt and stamp pads, fabric paint, and brushes for future endeavors: felting, holiday card embellishments, and screen printing.
Thanks to an Etsy forum alert, I picked up a folding table from Target for just $39. It will be a great investment for selling at craft fairs, and it will offer more surface space in my crafting area.

Finaly, Office Depot had an open box discount of 60% a great Memorex I-Pod docking station +AM/FM radio tuner.

Not bad for an hour and a half of shopping, eh? The rest of my day was dedicated to sewing and building a display out of peg board and moulding. (Now I just need to create the necklaces that will hang there for sale.)
The bottom line? Taking a personal day is cause for glee, but I couldn't afford this kind of time off on a regular basis.