Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Gift of Fabric

It's been a jackpot week for fabric, free of cost--or nearly so.

1. At Christmas time, I found a bag of fabric mixed in a box of holiday decorations. It will be useful for ornaments, patchwork, and linings, although I had to wash the batch multiple times to get rid of a lingering cinnamon scent from other holiday items stored in the bin.

2. A friend who used to sew costumes gifted me a giant bag of high-quality fabrics in vivid colors, dyes, and patterns.

3. At an antiques shop, I found a few yards of fantastic corduroy and tweed fabrics for $1.00!

The stash is ever-growing, the ideas are flowing, but time is so constrained. I need to make more time to create in order to build enough stock to set up shop at fairs and fests this summer.

1 comment:

  1. lucky you! i love when i find deals like's been a while though. hope today is a crafty/productive day...i love your work!