Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's petty, but...

I try to live with a minimal footprint.
I dye my hair.
I have a LOT of gray for my age.

I'm waffling between:
1. getting my hair stripped and saving myself the expense, time, and environmental guilt of dye.

2. continuing to dye with a natural product (I've heard coffee grounds work...) until my roots have grown out (probably three years).

Advice? Opinions? Comment, or answer the poll on the side bar.


  1. I'm very interested in people's answers to your conundrum, as I am wanting to start using a natural product too, but for different reasons. I am starting to react to commercial dyes, so I need to switch over before I have a seriously bad reaction. Something natural would definitely be better!

  2. I dye my hair and to tell you the truth..will dye it to the end..not being vain, I just like it that way.
    Have heard rosemary/sage is another way to dye..never tried it though.

  3. I agree with rosebud....I will dye my hair as long as I am able.

  4. I color my hair as well. I too, am concerned with a green footprint, but I'm so careful in mnay other ways, so I'll continue to do it.

  5. My mother in law uses henna, and her hair looks fantastic! It's a nice rich, shiny brown. I think she needs to apply about every four weeks or so.

  6. I dye my hair too and have been thinking of slowly letting it go grey, would love to hear about natural products too. I have tried henna, but I find that for me it worked well only when I had fewer grey:):)

  7. I've heard henna as well. I don't dye my hair, only once to a red. That was fun.
    But now I fell, (for myself) Whatever my hair does, I will let it be. If I become grey let me correct that Silver(with wisdom) SO be it. As for others Natural is the way to go!