Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thrift Shopping

Thrifting has emerged as a point of pride for many shoppers. It used to be that the stock rotated slowly, and gems could be had for a quarter. Over the past couple of decades, prices for used goods have risen along with the overall quality of goods offered second-hand. Lately, when I drive past any of my favorite shopping haunts for used merchandise, the parking lots are full and cars are illegally parked nearby.

While this is a welcome sight for the sore eyes of an environmentalist, it brings with it some proprietary sorrow. I'm not used to competing for a place to park at establishments like Goodwill. Instead of reacting to this sight with camaraderie, I mainly stay away, leaving the bargains for those who need them more.

Today, however, I treated myself to a five dollar spurge at a lesser-known store called the Treasure Shop and picked out some brand new office supplies, as well as three suit jackets to embelish/upcycle. The prices were reminiscent of 1991, and for bringing my own shopping bag, the kind lady at the register knocked $1.50 off my total!
I am inspired to design some great appliques for these sport coats. Since discovering what a popular item this jacket was at the Strange Folk Festival, I've been collecting used, brand-name women's jackets to re-make, and will also experiment with a few menswear items for next fall.

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  1. That's great you found some good deals. Have fun remaking them into something fabulous!