Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year of Gadgets

Looking back, I see that 2009 was a year filled with tech-gadget purchases for my family.  I mention this because it surprises me.  I've not been one to buy this sort of stuff in the past, and took a sort of Puritanic-Luddite pride in making do with the tried and true.  (I am conscious of my energy consumption, and wouldn't even notice if we got rid of our microwave oven, for Pete's sake!  But oh do I get giddy about these new toys.)

First, I began running with the iPod.  I'd resisted the idea for a long time, enjoying the alone time with my brain and muscle.  But podcasts make exercise a time for entertainment or education, and who can resist such effective multi-tasking?  

The iPhone has actually reduced the amount of time I spend online.  Instead of sitting down at the computer and getting sucked into Internet life, I can check Facebook and e-mail with one hand while I cook dinner with the other, then set it down for the evening. 

I understand why many people sneer at the use of gadgets wherever we may be, calling them a mark of insecurity and discomfort at being alone. I guess it's a blessing that my friends are too busy for non-stop texting.  This way I'll never get out of the habitual comforts that solitude affords--such as going out and taking pictures. (The top shot was taken at the St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights, and the bottom is a macro practice shot I snapped while taking down our holiday decorations earlier this week.)

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