Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Kitchen Photos

 Here's my baby, though I definitely need to re-paint those black chairs now.

 I built this locker (idea from Ana White's site, though I sketched out my plans based on the size of the space available and the needs we have.  It's no mud room, but it sure helps.
 I'm loving the way my island looks.  I built it about 8 years ago, but only love it now that it's trimmed out and painted.
 Crazy as it sounds, I don't even mind the mauve counter top, even though I never would have chosen it.  I'm probably the only person who does not like the granite craze. 
 Here's how the locker abuts the counter.  Not as hulking and blockade-like as I feared.
 My attempt at building a butcher block counter top didn't succeed, so I covered it with a $15 matchstick shade, and a sheet of custom glass from a local glazing shop.
Here's a shot of the locker before I painted it.  Above it is the old light fixture, which was dark brown and bronze before I spritzed it with Rustoleum's satin nickel.  Haven't found replacement globes yet.

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