Saturday, June 28, 2008

Community Sharing Agriculture (CSA)

Q: Is there anything that matches the cool-factor of "handmade"?
A: Yes, "home grown organic"!The various dots on the map above represent locally grown food sources such as farms that sell and deliver shares of fresh produce, farmers' markets, and local foodie restaurants.

Via, I was able to invest in a CSA. I've met the farmers and learned about their methodology, and each Thursday they deliver a cooler of the week's harvest. This week's bounty included beets, various greens, herbs, radishes, a jar of honey, and the usual carton of freshly laid eggs. Next week, they expect berries galore. Along with the food comes a newsletter and recipes to try.

It's not my usual, thrify route, but damn does it feel good to support local farms and eat ultra-fresh, local slow food. Credit Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for getting me off my keester and participating in a CSA. My next goal: taking a cheese-making class!


  1. My friend Trina has been a big supporter of this for years. Wonder if there's anything out here in the boonies?

    Must read Kingsolver's newest book...

  2. We're also doing a CSA this summer! So far it's been a slow growing season (Maine had a very dry May), but they assure us it will pick up soon, and we'll have more fresh, organic veggies than we could possibly eat in a week.