Saturday, June 21, 2008


I truly enjoy the upkeep of my yard. To dress up our very plain house, I have two room-size beds of flowers in the front yard. Last night, in the (abnormally) cool evening air, weeding was a comfortable, meditative activity.Although I started with an ordinary Stella d'Oro daylily border and some basic greenery and perennials, I have been drawn to rare plants in recent years. We planted a tiny Ginko tree a few years ago, and the beds have been sewn with seeds collected with care from a grandmotherly garden.Next year, we'll add an enormous bed surrounding our patio in the backyard--one we'll add to for years to come. The scope of our plans is a bit intimidating, but it's taken us 12 years to get the front yard "done" so we know exactly how much to tackle in one reasonable year.I've always planned a vegetable and fruit garden, but except for a few potted tomato plants, this dream remains in the "next year for sure" category. Now that I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, however, I am determined to grow food. Next year, for sure.
I mean it.

For starters, we'll need more dirt...


  1. What a beautiful job you do..I just wish I liked doing that..Like the dirt playground..

  2. What a beautiful garden! And, I just love Barbara Kingsolver.. such an fantastic writer.

  3. Beautiful garden ! My garden looks like a wild nature reserve. It hasn't been touched for years. It has complications though, as it's steeply terraced. There are wild Raspberries, Slow worms, birds and all sorts in there ! The wilderness of my garden is featured in my Etsy and website banner, with a bigger version as my myspace background image !