Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Author Worth Your Time

Last winter I read Backroads, Tawni O'Dell's and was riveted. Today, I finished another by her: Coal Run.

I commend O'Dell for her ability to portray the ordinary, the poor, and the unexpected sages we all know. While I felt there were some inconsistencies, the characterization was still wholly effective. Afterall, real people aren't always consistent either. Val and Ivan stand out the most, but Jess, Bobbie, Jack, Jolene, Eb, and the rest were so lifelike I felt I could turn around and catch a glimpse of them whenever I put the book down.

O'Dell is able to instill, and build upon, a sense of dread throughout the chapters of her books that keeps me turning pages even though I don't want the story to end.

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