Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break Summary

The liberation from grading papers has been more exhilarating than words can say. After a week off I feel capable of getting back to the classroom to buckle down and teach effectively before state End of Course Exams occur in late April.

How did I spend the week off?

Saturday - Tuesday: Driving over 1800 miles to tour New Orleans and the beaches of Biloxi, Mississippi and Destin, Florida. We played plenty in between the hours buckled up in the car. The afternoon at Henderson State Beach was idyllic, and the day spent with friends in Louisianna was restorative and companionable.

I also managed a 30 minute pit-stop at Hancock's of Paducah--the number one quilting store that I'd heard such great things about. Their inventory was enough to make a sewist salivate! I beautiful yardage by Alexander Henry, Heather Bailey, Moda, and other fabric designers.

Wednesday - Thursday: Bike riding, running, hiking, lunching with friends, and shopping! Bargains were found for many items that had long been on my wish list. Gorgeous, churchy-sounding wind chimes, a set of comfy and attractive patio furniture, mission style solar landscape lights and light fixtures for the front porch, and some clothing for the guys in my house. Once the wintery cold snap clears up, I'll get some photos of the patio and lights, but here's the Target ad. I swapped out the table for a glass-free model.

It's been a fun week. The only thing lacking has been down-time at home. Today, we'll stay home to watch the season four DVD set of Project Runway, sew, and work out.

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