Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Books of Late

It's been ages since last I shared my thoughts on a book. Here are a few from the past couple of weeks.
For many chapters, I wondered why Impossible, by Nancy Werlin, had been labeled a fantasy. At most it seemed like magical realism. By now I've decided that there simply isn't any better label available.

I had looked forward to this book for some time, having enjoyed The Rules of Survival and Double Helix, and Impossible did not disappoint. If you have a hard time getting into books outside the realm of realism, here's your entry point. Werlin is not the kind of writer who ends up in a rut; each story she spins is different from the last.

P.S. If you're a Simon & Garfunkle fan, you'll have other reasons to like this book.
I picked up Jancee Dunn's book, Don't You Forget about Me for three reasons: first, the cover is hard to resist; second, the title's reference to the Breakfast Club appeals to my generation; third, it's by Jancee Dunn! (Dunn wrote many a cover story for Rolling Stone, and VJ'd for MTV2.)

The story itself concerns a woman whose life is much different than mine, but with whom I can easily relate. It's about a 38 year old woman's selective memories about her teen years, and the chance to resurrect those good parts. Her class reunion, and her adolescent diary remind her that those glittery memories aren't so golden after all.

Who among us doesn't wonder about the embers of past flames? (Oh hush. Of course you do; it's just that most of us know to leave the past alone.)
Jennifer Weiner's latest book, Best Friends Forever, also hinges on a class reunion. There aren't any surprises in store for readers of this one, but it's still entertaining to flip pages as the story unfolds.

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