Monday, October 26, 2009

Change of Focus

On Sunday morning, I used this simple tutorial to change a pair of brown gaucho pants into a marvelously slouchy scarf for myself. Heeding the warning from this blogger, I reduced the number of squares by more than a dozen, and it's still more than twice my height. That makes for some fun ways to wind it around myself, though!

It was a nice indulgence to make something for myself. I think I could easily fall away from the workhorse, selling mode and begin to craft items for my family and home instead.


  1. Oh I'm so glad that you were able to put that tutorial to use! It is ridiculously long, isn't it?? I have no idea why the book advised making it that long, but at least it's nice and full when you double it (and double it again!)

  2. Thanks for the scarf suggestion. I can't wait to make one. I have soooo much fabric that needs to be used.