Monday, December 14, 2009

Books and more books

Michelle Wildgen, author of You're Not You, is senior editor for Tin House magazine, which impressed me before I even began to read. The book is a slow read, but not in a bad way. The pace of this novel appeals to me in the same way that the slow food, slow living, and slow bicycle movements appeal to me.
Although I'm not the narrator's age, I was easily able to identify with her, and to root for her. I was also enamoured with Kate, her employer, and enjoyed dissecting the dynamics among characters. The segments written about food and cooking were mouth-watering!
Wildgen neither shies away from nor sensationalizes sex scenes, recreational drug use, or masturbation. These matters are a part of the novel just like they are a part of life.
5 reasons I love Shift, by Jennifer Bradbury:
1. I love bicycles as art, as machinery, as transportation, as recreation, and as conversation.
2. I have been to many of the locations along the journey taken by the characters.
3. I have always yearned to undertake a coast to coast ride.
4. It's written by an English teacher.
5. The characters are real, and just plain likable. The parents are great, and I especially like the characters the boys meet on their travels--reminiscent of Travels with Charley in Search of America.

Right behind You was SUCH a swift read, I can barely remember it and I only read it yesterday. Engaging, psychologically interesting, and fast-paced, I'll be recommending it to my students.

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