Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everything is a Choice

Craft show vending has really been fun, but it's time for the business phase of my hobby to end. The income from a business-minded venture is nice, but it's not my primary motivation. That's why my Etsy shop has been shuttered for a while.

One conviction I hold is that I am responsible for my own happiness. Therefore, I must recognize and change any aspects of life that impede joy. Cutting back on sewing to create only what interests me (right now that's clothing, decor, and gifts) will allow me to feel less like a factory, and to pursue other interests:

  • I'm taking classes next semester (yeah!) for the first time since becoming a parent (yikes!).
  • I'm writing. (Any volunteers to critique me along the way?)
  • I'm reviving some fitness goals now that my knee is allowing moderately regular poundings again. (Running and riding partners are welcome.)

Recently, I bundled much of my "merchandise" to give away, which feels great--I'm shedding a skin and ready for something new.


  1. I do totally get it. There may come a day when I feel the same way, but not yet. I've got a few more years in me. I appreciate that it allows me to buy things to support my hobbies without feeling guilty.

  2. I totally feel ya. I kinda hate to say it, but I really really haven't missed my etsy shop at all. Good luck with the classes.. I'm super excited about starting mine in January.

  3. I'm on that page, but for different reasons. For now, I am hoping to expand my byline to more than zero, work on my charity project, and get my new compass bearings.