Friday, January 28, 2011

An E-Reader Balance Sheet

e-reader joy:
  1. An entire collection, everywhere I go
  2. Easy to hold and to turn pages with one hand
  3. Free sample chapters
  4. Font size choices (I can even read while on the treadmill now!)
  5. Easel-style cover (for reading while eating or cooking)
  6. Book marking and highlighting is simple
  7. Easy retrieval of library book files (especially convenient for reserve material)
  8. My book has a clock on it!
  9. If I finish one book, I can pick out a new one...wherever I happen to be 
  10. Automatically opens to the page where I stopped reading

e-reader gloom:
  1. The library's collection of e-books is still relatively small at this point
  2. It needs charging (really only a problem when tent-camping)
  3. Can't lend books as easily (even with the "lend me" option)
  4. Technology updates so quickly that I may want/require a new reader sooner than I'd like.
 Everyone says this, and everyone is right: the adjustment to reading on an e-reader is only briefly awkward. Now that I've switched, I find hardback books clunky and awkward, especially when it comes to turning pages.  I never expected to feel this way, but I'm in love with my Nook.

I've abandoned reading The Lake of Dreams.  After looking at some reviews, it appears I am not alone in that decision. 

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