Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now it's a bedroom SET

A few weeks ago, I showed off the headboard and platform bed I built from plans on Ana White's site, Knockoff Wood.  Now I'm going to boast about the rest of the set (for now).
From my own sketches, I built this shelving unit for use as a dresser and TV stand.  We have a small room, so I needed a narrow piece, and I wanted it to have some height so that the TV would be up nice and high.  The space directly in front of the bed is also pretty narrow and right in the flow of traffic toward the closet and bathroom, which are hidden behind the curtain.  Due to the height, and the valuable electronic atop it, I bolted the unit to the wall.  My husband recently bumped into it when cutting the corner into the room and it didn't budge.  He has a bruise to show for it!
I also needed to update our nightstands cheaply.  There are plans available for building a very cute, woodsy set, but they'd block the storage beneath.  To solve that, I stained a couple of crates we had for storage in the basement and bolted them to the wall. 
What I haven't figured out is how to hide the cords--I never see those in home decorating magazines!  For the fan, I simply used a twist tie to fasten the cord to one of the rungs of the stool. 

All together, the bed and "dresser" have helped to free some closet space, and to better organize our clothing.  The curtain panels for the French doors and the closet are nearly hemmed now, and most of the art has been hung.  I wish I could afford all original artwork.  Alas, I settled for this canvas print from Bed, Bath, Beyond.  It's just our style, and uses nearly the same colors as the leaf pattern in our Ikea drapes and our Tetris-style dresser baskets.  

Throughout the building process, I deliberated over whether to paint the furniture white or to stain it.  There are moments when I step back and wonder if I made the right call, but I am very happy with my bedroom these days.  After years of closing the door in shame for worn and stained carpet (hair dye), the mismatched furniture, and lack of order, I am now quite satisfied with the room.

I do need one more piece of art and a nice bed spread, though...

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