Sunday, July 24, 2011


Book # 51: What Now, by Ann Patchett is a small book that expands upon a commencement speech she gave at her alma mater.  The speech itself is very good.  The rest meanders a bit, but it takes about five minutes to read, so it's no waste of time.  :)

Book #52: The Inverted Forest, by John Dalton is many things at once:  a crime story, a case-study of the grotesque, a reportorial account what could be true.  At first, I was uncertain about which details would matter.  As it turns out, many seemingly innocuous descriptions, conversations, and events contribute to the overall plot and theme.
While reading this story, my sense of dread built to a woeful pitch before I figured out what inevitability was going to occur.  This well-written book and its characters leave a lasting impression.

Movie #32: The Lincoln Lawyer, based on the book by Michael Connelly, is a great movie.  Check it out.

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