Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is one of those time-out, change-of-season days when I feel like purging my home of superfluous things. I want to open the closets and haul un-needed contents away to thrift or recycling centers. I want to re-organize and arrange drawers and cabinets. I am filled with zeal for the project, and in my former life I would have tackled it instantly.

In my current life, however, there are obligations. I promised my son we would go see Grandma today. And said son would cheerily, but destructively, examine and romp through any piles I made anyway. (Not that I'm complaining--my boy is the best!)

Perhaps this mood will strike again when I have a rare and blissful day alone. Yeah right! That's when I sew!


  1. oh, I feel you on this! I tried to do it recently but everything is still in bags by the front door, making me feel guilty each time I go out and come home ... hopefully they will soon pass the threshold, sometime when I'm not rushing! That'll happen, right?

  2. I wait until after new years to purge crap. It feels really good then.I like to make everything "bare" I realize you did not make the pendant, sorry, too much coffee this morning!!