Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm new to the craft show scene, and have miles to go before my booth will have the ambiance I desire. Spending money on the endeavor seems counter-productive at this point, since I'm merely feeling out the market, and whether it's spending time away from my family to sell on weekends.

That said, I did enjoy my first attempt, and want trial number two to feel even better. My goal for next time has been to improve my display quality without spending much. I'm almost ready!

Display #1: $0
I built this case with leftover lumber, paint, and clothesline. The back is covered with fabric I had.

Display #2: $22.oo
It's the picture that's crooked, not the board! I bought the peg board and pegs, then used the same paint as for display number one. The molding frame was re-purposed from an old shelving project in my house on which I'd used the wrong shade of stain.

Display #3: $0 (Not pictured here, but seen next to my sewing machine on an early post.)
This mini baker's rack held plants in my kitchen long ago. In recent years, it's held sewing supplies. I need to scrub it up with some steel wool, but it will serve as a nice unit to show purses. It's not too heavy, but it's bulky and will be a pain to transport.

Display #4: $1.00
A wide wooden dowel from a garage sale will be suspended between the baker's rack and headband case, or an old painter's ladder. On the dowel, I'll suspend wall-hangings and aprons for sale. There won't be room for this when I share a booth, but it will work if I go solo next summer.

I've also been assembling additional pieces from home and thrift stores, such as tablecloths, picture frames, baskets, and even a valance in a coordinating fabric that may become my banner if I find the time to applique my shop name to it. It's fun to work on, and certainly a challenge to do on a budget. Ideas abound for an expensive display, but thriftiness should assure me of a unique look.

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  1. Excellent solutions to start with! I agree about not pouring money into displays. Your look will evolve over time if you continue to do shows.