Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bread Baking

This winter, I have been baking bread more often. It's interesting how many recipe books have formulas which call for inaccurate temperatures, or instruct the yeast to be added at the wrong time. Thanks to the Panera Bread Cookbook, I have learned to spot bogus formulas, and my bread now predictably turns out in full-loaf size and shape.
I'm ready to take this endeavor further, though, and am looking for recommendations on the best bread-baking handbook out there. Comment, please, with any suggestions.


  1. yum! i learned to bake bread many years ago using the vegetarian epicure books. she gave very good information and i still make some of my favorite breads with her recipes. my first loaves of bread were lovely little bricks that could have broken my toes if they had fallen on them ;-) i persisted and now make nice airy loaves. i hope you enjoy many happy years of bread baking. i have to go find some nice fresh yeast now....

  2. That bread looks awesome! I think that I will venture to make bread in the near future.

  3. Oh how heavenly! I think a sandwich isn't a sandwich until it is made with homemade bread!

    I haven't had homemade bread in about 10 years... I am seriously deprived! But inspired to make some after seeing that sandwich of yours!!!