Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Testy

I've been craving another degree. My 1990's choice to become an English teacher won out over park ranger and librarian because those programs were only offered 100 or more miles away from my mortgage and job. There were some other factors, of course, like my passion for reading, love for writing, and fascination with the adolescent mind.

Then came parenting, and an all-consuming work load every fall. My enthusiasm for pursuing more credits wanes and flares with the calendar pages. Maybe I won't even like it once I can afford to enroll in classes again.

In the interim, I signed up to take the Praxis exam for certification as a school Library and Media Specialist. I registered and paid months ago, but didn't attempt to study until yesterday (Wednesday). Big mistake, I'm sure. The test is Saturday. I hope I haven't wasted a big chunk of money on this gamble.
In case any of you are planning to take the Praxis 0310, I'm linking to the PDF of a cheat sheet I made. I combed through forums and blogs and collected all of the questions people offered a heads up about, then researched them. There are some items that I don't have access to because they're in textbooks I haven't had occasion to buy, but I'm doing what I can at this point and I might as well share what I've come up with. Please comment with any corrections or additions.


  1. Good luck! I go through wanting to get more degrees in waves, too. Ahhh, if only money and time and distance were no object.....