Monday, June 22, 2009

Hobbies Galore

Like 90% of the population, photography has always interested me. This summer, I'm actually trying to learn more about it.

The class I'm taking is offered through a community center. Meetings are once a week, for a little over two hours. The first hour is lecture-based, along with some Q & A. So far, we've covered composition, f-stops/aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and common mistakes. The second hour of each session is reserved for critiques, which is the most interesting, enjoyable part.

Each week our homework is to read our manual, practice with camera settings, and take 30-50 pictures minimum. We each save our best four pictures to a flash drive and she critiques them. To demonstrate what can be done after the photo has been shot, she puts some students' photos into PhotoShop and crops, flips, and straightens them. Of course, this makes us all want to sign up for her PhotoShop, night photography, and intermediate classes. I've already signed up for the intermediate course.

At this point, I'm determined to purchase a better quality camera by fall. I can see improvement in my architectural, portrait, and landscape photos. I'm still struggling with product shots, though.

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