Tuesday, June 9, 2009

YA YA (that's "young adult, young adult")

I put two more books in the brain bank in recent days: Uglies and November Blues.
Uglies, by Scott Westerfield, is a futuristic dystopian survival novel. It's the first in a series, and I've been meaning to read it for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am headed to the library for the Pretties and Specials, the next two in the trilogy. Each of the three have earned a 4.5 star average on Amazon.
November Blues, by Sharon Draper, tells the sad story of a high achieving high school student who becomes pregnant the night before her boyfriend dies. There are some surprises over the months of her pregnancy, including a custody battle and the (literal and figurative) cost analysis of parenthood.

Many teens will enjoy this book, but I found it dull. I much prefer her other books, Copper Sun in particular.

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  1. I enjoyed Uglies and Pretties more than I thought I would. However, I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for Specials.