Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafting Update (with many parenthetical statements)

My sewing time is nearly non-existent again. This week I finished diaper bags for two friends, both new mothers, but won’t be posting photos until after their baby showers.

Next, I’ll be designing and sewing more appliques on jackets and t-shirts. I’d like to make a dozen more bags as well, but that’s not looking likely. It’s frustrating when ideas are so plentiful and time is so limited.
With one month until the Strangefolk Festival, and many evening and weekend obligations I’ll be struggling to reach the inventory quantities I’ve planned. (35 more appliques? Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Three weeks from now, I’ll mock-up my tent/booth and take some photos to share. (I’m pretty excited about all the spiffy displays I’ve acquired this year.) After that, my free time will be spent pressing and price-tagging everything for the best festival around. (Do check out the website, which is a marvel unto itself!)

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