Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prep Time

Strange Folk Festival is just days away, so I've been working on preparation. On Saturday, my other half helped me set up the tent I bought via Craigslist a few months ago.

The grid wall panels were also a Craigslist bargain. They will hold bags and purses for sale. The spinner rack is for headbands, key fobs, and wrist cuffs. The extra white walls in the back corner are to create a changing area, where there will also be a full length mirror and hooks. The "counter" will hide supplies for transactions and re-stocking. On the right hand side of the booth will be racks of clothing I've appliqued.

Now, we are just hoping that the weather forecast changes for the better before next weekend. Rain would be a real drag on my family's fun, and income.

At a party over Labor Day weekend, I mentioned my yen for an old work truck so that I could haul my own mulch for the garden. Cooincidentally, one of the guys I was talking with said he was willing to part with this 1982 truck for a mere $300. With Strange Folk next weekend, my husband was eager to go pick up the truck so that hauling all my gear and merchandise would be simpler.

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