Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Wound Up

Unwind, by Neal Shusterman, is a Gateway Readers Award book and a truly riveting and memorable dystopian novel.
Set in the future, when it sounds absurd that "everyone was selecting their leaders not by their ability to lead, but by where they stood on [a] single issue," the life vs. choice battle has been settled with an unsettling treaty.

The book follows three primary characters, but there are multiple dynamic players on the second tier as well. Every character has a purpose, and every character deals with internal and external problems.

By virtue of the plot, the setting changes frequently. Each place is clearly described and charged with atmosphere.

I especially like how the author broaches sensitive topics in a subversive manner. Along with a tone of humane sincerity and an edgy sense for pacing, Unwind offers psychological insights, political and religious food for thought, action, and entertainment.

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