Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gritty, Futuristic Urban Faery Tale

I'm not a fantasy fan, and rarely read books of that genre. However, I've read ten of the fifteen Gateway Award nominee books this year, and I'm not about to stop.

Good thing, too, or I'd have missed this book.

Wicked Lovely is strange, and different, and not nearly as dark as it tries to seem. Seth is lovable, loyal, and just a bit offbeat (sounds like Edward, eh?). Aislinn is independent to a fault, a bit reckless, and more powerful than she realizes. The Winter Queen is unredeemable, and the Sun King is a surprisingly sympathetic character. Donia is probably the most intriguing.

None of this will make sense unless you submerge yourself in this otherworldly tale of an apocalyptic nature. I like the atmosphere of the book best of all.

Warning: drugs are mentioned, sex is involved, and matters of life and death are at hand. Wicked Lovely is written for adolescents, yet does not shy away from these realities of high school.

I give it three stars: unusual is good, but easy ground to falter upon. The pacing was uneven, and the setting and conflict unclear/confusing at first.

If only the author's web page were not under reconstruction, I'd love to learn more about the capricious nomad who wrote Wicked Lovely.

By the way, this is the first book in a series. According to the Amazon reviews, many read it to fill the hole left by Twilight's end.

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