Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carol Lee is a Genius

I have to hype these cards by I wish I could afford to buy piles and piles of them to hand out to kids at school. She has ornamented phrases for every irksome thought a person might have. I especially like the business card message assortments.
On a personal front, my son has crossed into a zone of influence beyond our home front. Although we have no cable, satellite, or antennae, there seems to be no defense from commercialism. When shoe shopping last night, my two and a half year old turned down the nice plain tennies I found, and specifically asked for various cartoon characters. I suppose just seeing his peers wear shoes with lights and liscensed pictures made an impression on him. If I stayed home with him instead of working and sending him to a sitter, he would have no peers to influence him. Regardless, marketing would exert pressure sooner or later. In the end, I decided to let him make the decision. He chose Spiderman over Curious George sneakers. Now I have to figure out how to walk the line between allowing independent decision making and discouraging sheep-like behavior. Already.

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