Friday, September 14, 2007

I Like What I See

This is one of my favorite items on Etsy. Before watching the artistry in her shop, I was not a felt fan. Now I'm an ardent admirer of the art form.

Check out lupin's shop full of awesome goodies!

My large projects are on hold right now. I've managed to make out about 10 headbands a week, which is good for this time of year. I'm stocked well, and prepared to sell, since those are affordable. I have so much fabric calling out to me, begging for form and function. The ideas are many, but time is precious little.

Here is one of my recent hair wear creations. I should have called it "Wild Side" because it's pretty bold for my style, but I really like the colors and waviness.
I may even keep one for myself.

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