Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There --> is a wall hanging I made as a gift for my friend's wedding, using her theme colors of purple, silver, and green. I wish I had taken better photographs before giving it away! It's the sort of project I want to devote more time to, but takes a great deal of time to plan and create. I'd only be listing one item a month if I focused on these...but soon I'll start another.

Etsy.com is a fantastic world for buying, selling, and learning crafts. I spend far more time there than I should, and hope to one day travel to the labs for a class/vacation.
Lately, I am souring on the forum experience. I'm hooked, but I feel false sometimes because I'm posting when I don't even have anything worthwhile to say just so that my name and avatar remain visible. I'm a lurker by nature, and I feel like I'm making a nuisance of myself by piping up so much. I have grown to like it, but hate how rarely we truly listen to one another and simply throw our perspective into the mix and leave the thread.
I guess I'll just have to "be the change I wish to see" in the Etsy world!

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