Saturday, October 6, 2007

Being Green

Green lifestyles are in vogue right now, but there is a backlash as well. Regardless of either zeitgeist, my household does what we can to respect the earth.
Projects we wish we could afford:
  • re-insulating our attic
  • insulating our basement
  • graywater re-use system
  • solar panels
  • buy local eggs
We get bummed out because we can't do those things for a while, so to cheer ourselves up, we're listing what we already do/have done:
  • totes instead of shopping bags
  • mow infrequently, allowing grass to re-seed and mulch itself while using less fuel
  • we never water our lawn
  • Jetta TDI (since 1997) + a Subaru with decent milage
  • we wash our cars only after salt is on the road for ice
  • small house with responsible thermostat settings, windows open whenever possible
  • clothesline instead of dryer for certain loads
  • better light bulbs, and only necessary lights on
  • perrennial flowers = less watering
  • infrequently purchase carry-out/to go food (packaging & health)
  • efficient new appliances
  • buy used toys, clothing, furniture more often than new, packaged things
  • cook few convenience items
  • recycle (our trash can is never more than half full for once a week pick-up!)
  • re-use
  • avoid using plastic bags for lunches, use silverware, not plastic
  • minimize car trips
  • don't use gift-wrap--unless re-used bags

Miles to go, but we're on the road, and most of it is simple. We aren't even conscious of the effort for most of these habits, which is as it should be.

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