Sunday, December 2, 2007


I recently felt the need to pare down my favorites to one page. When I realized people may use the list to buy presents for me, it became important to narrow the list to only those things I truly desire, not merely admire. Although most have already sold (for me?!), I'd like to show them off here as well.

The first is by MindyKuen ( and the pendant expresses my exact perspective. My life is in my own hands, each day is what I make of it.

The wristband is so perfectly simple. I love the soft-looking ribbon and dainty wooden plaque. Very basic, elemental, and positive. Check it out at

The third sold fast, but it was on the front page, so what did I expect? As a tree-lover and leaf collector, I adore this bag. (PS, I also find corduroy irresistable.) It's by hippiestrips, and her shop is here:

Lastly, this necklace has been on my favorites list for months. I can't believe it hasn't sold! It's just beautiful. The colors, the textures, the components and shape--love 'em all! Find the shop on this link:


  1. I love that bag and that bottom necklace. Good idea about cleaning up your favorites... I should probably do that, too.

  2. I love the master of my fate pendant. I wish,hope,think, that I am! Boy, its hard.
    I love your blog, very interesting!