Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iced In, Thrifting, & a Promotion

That bird is not blurry; it's encased in ice!

These are some snapshots of my yard a few days after last week-end's ice storm. .

I used my snow day to prepare and save listings for my Etsy store, and to run errands. Once we had electricity and clear roads, I took our change jar in to CoinStar and "earned" $44! A visit to the consignment shop yielded a bag of trade-in clothing for my son, and I found four awesome sheets and 9 yards of amazing orange fabric at a thrift store. It was a great day.

Via the awesome new tool on Etsy called "Pounce," I've discovered my all-time favorite Etsy store! Check it out at or under the name Can't Afford 'Em Buttons. Their work is humorous, political, responsible, and left-leaning; I adore it! Check out the photos of two tee shirts from their Etsy shop:


  1. That's a lot of ice, but it is a lovely photo.

    The bag you made from the cape is amazing!

  2. some lovely photos of the ice, must have been coooold!