Monday, December 31, 2007

Rake head, candle stick, wooden poles, old buttons, and a cellar door

I had the chance to spend a day in thrift, antique, and artisan shops in Columbia, Missouri. In a happy coincidence, Lisa Bartlet, the proprietor of Spare Parts Gallery turned out to be a fellow Etsian whom I had hearted. It was fun to meet someone passionate about art, upcycling, and Etsy. I urge anyone who drives I-70 to head to downtown Columbia and check out that store, as well as Poppy, where my friend bought some independently hand-crafted glasses.

Now, to boast about my purchases! Here is a rake head I picked up for a few bucks. I've hung my jewels from it, and plan to get others for my belts, headbands, and such.

These assorted wooden objects will become platforms for some quilted/stuffed decor items I'm inspired to make.
Buttons, buttons, vintage, wooden, bead, and glass. I thought it would be hard to part with them, but I've already adorned a newly made bag with one.

Hat rack, shabby chic variety. This was a steal and I'll use it to photograph purses and display them at craft shows. Isn't it adorable?

I also bought a beautifully weathered cellar door which I plan to transform into a headboard. No picture yet, as my friend with a truck (bless her) will be delivering it later in the week.

All in all, it was a blast to spend the day scouring shops well worth the time. The best part (aside from the laughs with my companions) was that I stayed within my slim cash budget, even including two indulgent meals, and purchases not catalogued here. Yay for me!


  1. hey- great blog- thanks for your comment on mine!!!
    I used to live in St. Louis... went to Wash U. and majored in fashion design!!!

  2. One of my favorite ways to spend a day.
    Antiquing/Junking rocks

  3. Love the rake idea! Pure brilliance!

  4. Rake heads to hold necklaces! I LOVE this idea!!! I've been in a dilemma for months over how to display and store my necklaces without having them tangle up all willy-nilly. You have just provided the answer... AND I love searching out thrift and antique digs for such things.


    Wonderful blog!


    Karen Beth :)