Saturday, December 22, 2007

T-Shirt Quilt

A few summers ago, I made myself a t-shirt quilt from 30 race tees, the fabric from a queen-size sheet set (matching Ralph Lauren set from Goodwill!), some interfacing, and batting. It took me over a month of time during my infant's naps.

My husband has wanted his own t-shirt quilt ever since, and I agreed to make him one for Christmas. It's amazing how much faster the project is going this time around. When I made mine, I hadn't sewn since my Molly Ringwald/Pretty in Pink-inspired high school days, and the process went slowly as I painstakingly figured out how to piece a quilt. Mr. GrayEyedScorpio's quilt will definitely be finished by Christmas, and I've only just begun. Stay tuned for pictures, but beware: t-shirt quilts are not attractive unless you were the one to earn each shirt and the accompanying memories.

I just ordered this great newsboy cap from TepperWear's Etsy shop. I'm hoping it will work with my favorite coat (blue corduroy Esprit, three years old) and scarf (new, from After going to see the holiday lights at the zoo last night, I knew a hat like this was a necessity, and I can't wait to wear it. TepperWear, by the way, has a fantastic selection of caps at reasonable prices with low shipping rates.

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