Sunday, April 20, 2008

Etsy Search Word: Grunge

Today, I'm inspired by the 1990's "Way Back Weekend" on the radio (yes, radio in my home that is not NPR right now--pledge drive time!) Grunge is the word of the day, and here are my favorite finds:
StephsDIY shop is filled with music-based art-attire. Here's one that harkens back to the days when the Seattle sound ruled the airwaves.
The dichotomy of "pretty" and "hardcore" is a bit jarring here, eh? I do (did) so love Alice in Chains. Check out SakuraMonkeyBoutique for more clashes of culture, many inspired by music.
"Three Crows" by GothicCrow is haunting. And it inhabits several art genres at once. I like the gothic-primitive shadowy dimensions. Check out her shop for art and photography.
Although there were 19 pages of items tagged or titled "grunge" I didn't think many fit the descriptor. I'm finding that the case with most of my search word experiements.


  1. Love the Three to check out that shop

  2. Crows rule! (they bring the message, doncha know?!)
    and... who doesn't love a little grunge?!

  3. how are you thinkin' up all of these great, random words?