Sunday, April 20, 2008

Project Headboard

While perusing an antiques mall this past January, I found this amazingly sturdy-yet-weathered cellar door at a bargain price and thought "headboard!". We decided we liked the bed in the corner for the interesting layout it offered, so I framed up the wall and back of the door so that a shelf could rest there.
I have got to brag a little about my carpentry (which, honestly, is quite rudimentry). This headboard is SOLID and SILENT. Nothing moves, squeaks, or bumps under testing conditions!
Now, I'm at a loss for ideas...or at least for decisions. Please help me decide what to do with the giant triangle behind my bed. Leave a suggestion, or respond to my poll, if you please.


  1. Well first off...great idea! Love the original latch...glad you left that detail. Good job with the shelf construction, too.

    My first thought is a reading lamp. It will give some height as well as being useful. Stacked books, a framed photo, architectural pieces...what do you like?

  2. Yes, a lamp with a natural lightbulb, like "Reveal." I envision a tall palm or other plant, depending on the other natural light in your room!

  3. I was thinking of installing sconce lamps on either side, rather than on top.
    I'm still going to consider all ideas, though!

  4. how about some drapes there?
    it would soften the edges, and if you wanted to, you could put a lamp on the shelf, which would create interesting shadows and depth.

  5. I think the painting would look great here- love what you have done!
    I will have to go to the studio today and measure it-Can you put a light behind it?

  6. I posted some pics on my flickr page
    Along with the measurements
    26.5 x 30.5
    Hope you like-