Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MIssing Dog

Dude, our sweet, lazy dog ever since I found him as a tar-covered stray puppy on September 11, 2001, has gone missing.

Due to the construction zone at our house, we have removed a section of fencing, and he's roamed the countryside for three weeks...actually he rarely went far since his sight is limited.

These pictures were taken Sunday. Monday afternoon, he vomited gravel, but acted fine. Tuesday morning I let him outside and he hasn't come back.

He's either:
a. taken in by a someone
b. hidden away to die
c. shot by a local gun enthusiast (it happens frequently)

Why didn't we tie him up? With his eye problems, he had trouble on a stake.

I feel awful. And awfully worried. I'll be looking for him today.


  1. I hope you find him...that is so sad!

  2. hope he comes home and you find your sweet pup.

  3. I really hope you find him or he finds his way home.

  4. I hope you find him soon..there is something about pets and how connected we are with them..

  5. I'm so sorry. You know I'm not a dog person but Dude was always a sweet boy.

  6. Thanks for all the kindness. Dude has not come home, nor have we found his body or heard from anyone who has seen him.