Sunday, April 6, 2008

Improvement Delays

Amid our construction mayhem, I am unable to sew. I've had to pack away all of my fabric and supplies to avoid insidious construction dust from masonry saws, grinders, and other such frightening equipment.

Presently, our basement has, instead of a door, a gaping hole. There is also a huge hole in the basement floor where the heaved concrete has been removed.

Over three weeks ago, we tore down our dilapidated deck so that construction could begin on a new, sturdy and attractive deck. It has rained nearly every day since then, so progress is slow.
The concrete forms are ready for pouring and stamping next weekend, if the rain does not persist. (But deep ruts abound in our yard. These are not the worst.)

As DIY people, anytime a contractor or repairperson does work at our home, it makes us feel foolishly helpless. We do enjoy the fulfillment of doing projects ourselves, but know that some jobs fall beyond our scope of ability and will turn out much better in the hands of experts. Alas, great sums of cash are changing hands for these jobs, but when it's finished and we landscape it...oh will it be lovely!

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  1. The list of construction/remodeling aggravations is endless...the finished result will make it all worthwhile. Hang in there!