Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craft Show Banner

I've been needing a shop sign to hang at craft shows, and I made one in my own way. It began with a plain white curtain panel from Goodwill and a fresh bottle of spray paint. Everything else was already in my possession: logo and business card design by Jelene, various paints and brushes, and gumption. See the sidebar and my page banner for a glimpse of the design I was working from.First, I sprayed blue paint onto the curtain, matching the background on my Etsy banner and business cards. For a stencil, I used a large yogurt container with the bottom cut out, as pictured.
The first step is finished!
Can you see the faint, pencil outlines of lettering? This took a long time because I laser-printed my design onto a transparency sheet, then traced it onto butcher paper via an old-fashioned overhead projector so that it would be the perfect size. I cut the pieces out, and then traced them onto the curtain. Now I have the stencils for any future needs.
I worked with the lightest colors of paint first. It was easiest, considering the mixing I was doing to create the purple and gray.
Here's a closer look at the big, buggy gray eye. (I love my cartoony scorpion sewist!)
I saved painting the lettering for last.
The finished banner! Well, almost. I've gone back and re-painted the thimble and done some more touching-up. It measures about five feet tall by three and a half feet wide.

One problem I didn't take into account is how it looks with light behind it: every paint stroke is visible, and it's distracting and unattractive. I may need to sew a heavy lining to the back.

My original plan was to applique the entire thing. The fabrics were all picked out, and in retrospect, I should have stuck with sewing. It would have required miles of thread, but it also would have matched my merchandise and looked good in any light. I thought painting would be quicker, but I'm not so sure that it ended up that way. This took two weeks of hard-fought spare time in between paint-drying time.
Just for fun, here's a Sunday Shadow Shot. (Hi, HeyHarriet!)


  1. I have to tell you..I am reading about the banner and thinking how great it is..came to the shadow and was going to say..You have to join Hey Harriet and then read you did..Sometimes, I am a little slow..
    Anyway, great banner and wonderful shadow shot..

  2. Wow....your banner looks wonderful. The patience needed to do something like that is admirable. I love to craft and sew, but I have a hard time "waiting" for the completion of a large project.

    I also like that you used materials you had on hand, as well as, a repurposed curtain from Goodwill. The money saved helps offset the amount of time it took you!

    Great Job!

    Chloe Rose

  3. Love your banner! It looks fantastic! That's a really cute shadow shot too! I realise that you didn't add your link to Mr Linky on my SSS post, but if you'd like me to include your cute shadow shot in a collage I'd be very happy to! Only problem is that your photo may be too small to open in the editing progam I use to make the collages. I've had probs with other small images. Weird. So if you'd like me to include it, just email a larger sized version if you have one. My email link is in the sidebar of my blog :)

    PS- You should offer a banner making service!

  4. your banner turned out great! congratulations!

  5. Wow! I'm so impressed. So you want to do one for me? Just joking!

  6. Love the banner! And....what's "Hey Harriet"?

  7. Love the banner! And....what's "Hey Harriet"?

  8. Hello! I am so glad I found your link on Etsy. Enjoyed your blog very much.

  9. Very cool! Both the shadow shot and the banner!


  10. what a great banner! Thanks for posting your step-by-step images....I think I need to make one too!!

  11. looks great! I need a banner by this weekend - may need to take the painted route like you. Thanks for the advice for adding a liner to block the light!