Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Treat from Etsy

Vinyl Vineyard makes great decals! This one caught my eye months ago.
I hearted it, and kept re-visiting her shop to look at all of her products. (I'm a slow decision-maker.)
The shop offers myriad options.
I finally settled on what first caught my eye, and here it is.This new address plaque for my home measures 15" tall by four feet wide. Vinyl Vineyard made the decal (and matching mailbox decals), and I applied it to a board I painted, then hung it. It was very easy to do, thanks to the clear and detailed instructions provided.

The best part? My husband noticed it immediately, and truly likes how it looks. He likes the way the font adds a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright to our otherwise ordinary home.

Thanks, Vinyl Vineyard!


  1. What a good purchase..sure does look nice on the house..

  2. Looks very nice, love that shade of blue. I should go check out her shop, I am in need of a new address sign. Out current one is missing numbers from out address.

  3. You are truly welcome! I love how the sign looks on your house, as well! Thanks so much for purchasing, and for blogging about your experience. I so appreciate it!

  4. ohh! that turned out great! If I had my own place, and not renting, I would so get one too :)

  5. It looks great! Katie does nice work!