Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Keeps?

A tale of two late nights...
Last night I was up about three hours too late. At first I was simply choosing fabrics to go with my assortment of 7" zippers. Before I knew it, I'd cut all of the pieces for 24 wristlet zipper pouches, ironed the fabric. I quit for the night (morning), knowing I needed to get some sleep before embarking on construction of the bags.

Tonight, I fell asleep on the couch while reading and waiting to hang my laundry. I heard the washing machine stop and reluctantly went downstairs to do the chore instead of collapsing into bed.Three hours later, here I am, cruising around the web and uploading pictures of the bag I decided to make myself while I was downstairs. (I'll just cut the fabric...I'll just pin the pieces...I'll just add the pockets...I might as well finish...Why not take some pictures before I start using it...)

The truth is that I very rarely make anything for myself. I use my screw-ups, but in some Puritanical-work-ethic way, it feels vain or wasteful to make something for myself. I always plan to, and now I have. Here's my "Me Bag."Now I really must go to sleep. Mama's gonna be crabby. And these photos pretty much stink.


  1. Think of it as advertising. Don't just keep/use the screw-ups. Show off all your good stuff.

  2. What a great bag..You really did a wonderful job..and happy you kept it for yourself..