Friday, August 8, 2008

Garage Sale Bliss

In my area, garage sales pop up any day of the week, with many occurring on Fridays as well as Saturdays. With freedom (except for a giant to-do list) for the day, my son and I hit the road and found treasure.The first, most thrilling purchase of the day was this fantastic, free-standing slat board display. We found it in a sale chock full of items from a now-closed gift shop. I stuck three shelves on for the photo, but it came with a box of twenty or thirty shelves. This was perfect timing, as I have a (hopefully large) craft show next month.

My son found a whiffle ball and bat set, and a few other small toys. Then, the tough decision: a brand new Lazy Boy recliner with upholstery in colors that compliment our home. I deliberated, since I've never been fond of the way recliners look, and tend to favor muted, solid colors. But I have fond memories of curling up to read in my grandpa's recliner, embraced by his scent. It was a great deal, and I'm still a little surprised every time I see it here beside the window. I also found some upholstery swatches that will be fun to sew with (see below), a set of casters, and an antique blackboard/slate that will come in handy as signage.All in all, a great haul for just 5 stops, though we did spend more than usual!


  1. Those are some awesome finds! I love going to garage sales, you never know what you might come home with :) I really like that slat board display, so cool!

  2. Wow! What an awesome find! The chair is cool too. It kind of looks like Mike's chair only more muted colors.