Sunday, September 7, 2008

A silver lining to the mortgage problems of the U.S.

I love my "neighborhood."
I live on an interesting road. Until recently, it was narrow and graveled. It runs from one winding, country road to another, with an unnavigable series of creek beds in the hollow between. Although one half mile of our road still looks like the photo above, the sections on either end have been undergoing changes.
Last year, one end of our road was paved, a farmhouse and barns razed, and the land somewhat leveled. Electricity and water pipes were laid for a development.
As you can see, all work stopped soon after, and has naturalized again.
When I take walks or go for a run, this hopeless sign makes me unspeakably happy. I know that someone is losing money on the land, but my family is greatly relieved to keep this end of the road looking like the pastures and horse grazing land we've known it to be.

Soon I'll take pictures of my end of the hollow.


  1. I know the feeling.

    We used to live on a quiet road. Then development started. 200+ homes were built. We moved.

    Now we live on five acres and it is quiet again.

  2. Hello !
    J'ai la chance de vivre à la campagne, et c'est vrai que cela est plus calme...

    I'm fortunate to live in the countryside, and it is true that it is more calm...

  3. Oh, I hope for you it never changes. We have something similar in front of us and I've got fingers crossed it stays that way.

    I need fields and cows around!

  4. Beautiful country. I am hoping that the empty field next to us stays empty. I've feared a bustling convenience store would take over some day.

  5. I love dirt roads.... Sad that people aren't nicer when building even... I don't know why they take down ALL the trees...

  6. It's sad to see all the land go up in homes.

  7. What a happy road..things are always changing..some good and some not so good..I think here, where we live..we are going backwards..not so good..

  8. wow - it looks so beautiful where you live! i'm so glad the development didn't happen - you must find the scenery very inspiring...