Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vendor Tent Layout

Today I worked on arranging my vendor tent for Strange Folk, which is next weekend.

I settled on an L-shape for the tables, although the other pieces turn the booth into a U-design anyway.

White table cloths with a blue underlayer will hide my tote boxes beneath the tables, which will stand six inches taller thanks to some heavy, wooden blocks.

I could do without the makeshift walls, but I think I'll keep them and make both sides white for the sake of light and continuity. Since it's a two day event, items may be a bit more secure with walls. I have some curtains to hang on each of the front corners that will really pull the look together as well. Overnight dew concerns me a bit, so I'll either use tarps, or stow my merchandise in plastic tubs at the end of the first day.

Last week, I did a display-by-display trial set up of inventory so that I have a rough idea of what will fit where. It's going to look great!

It was initially defeating to discover that I cannot put the tent up alone, but it's not something I need to worry about after all. My husband casually mentioned that he has planned to rise early and follow me on the 90 mile drive to help me set up on Saturday morning all along. (What a guy --one for all and all for one!) Now I just need good weather...

More pictures at

I welcome your ideas for improving my booth; please offer suggestions.

Next week: photos of the booth on site and fully decked out.


  1. It is a hard job doing fairs..I have done them too..Setting up the tent is a pain and you really need someone else, to help..Glad your husband came with you. May you sell everything..Lot of luck..

  2. You're doing it right....getting the look "down" before you go. You'll be able to set up in a flash this way.

    I always like having sides...keeps your items visually separate from the neighbors.

  3. I like the look of your layout. It's great that you're so organised, the day will be a huge success I'm sure! Looking forward to seeing it all decked out & set up at the Strange Folk event :)

  4. That looks great. Good luck with your sale!

  5. the booth looks welcoming already! good luck and let us know how it goes!

  6. I like your wood hanging rack. What is that? I use a collapsible bamboo trellis to hang from the sides of mine. If you practice you may be able to do your tent....I can. But, I'm sure some kind sole would help you so your hubby wouldn't have to make the long trip.
    Good luck and have fun! Oh yes, dew can be an issue too. I had a paper table cloth one time and won't do that again LOL.