Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Cullen" is the Etsy search word of the day

I've been "sucked in" (haha) by the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer. Here are some related products from Etsy sellers.
Here's a tee from twintasticmom, with a quotation from the first book in the series.
Here's Atwhim's portrait of Alice--everyone's first choice for a girlie make-over slumber party.

Simplybitten reminds us of Bella's simple, human beauty with this quotation block.

Fornever's shop weighs in here on the werewolf side, with a Jake keychain.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Etsy word search of the day: Swingset

Swingset is the word of the day.
Here's a scene I'd love to be a part of, from Bueller's shop. The other photos offered there range from beach settings to neglected beauty.
ELBfoto offers this dichotomy of desolation and hope, and I love it. Check her shop for further options--mostly urban scenes with interesting lighting.
Wearing this tee by beanchild would make my son would look even more cool than he already is. Trust me, the shop has many great screen-prints to choose from.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Etsy search word:

Today's word is kiddo! Here are my favorite Etsy items found under that tag or title.
Suck soap cake in a hot chocolate scent would surely end up in my son's mouth, but the concept is truly adorable. Buy these, and other cuties, from CozyMoment.
This treat comes from the Etsy shop Trashbagsbyann, which is stocked with fun, functional, salvaged-scrap-patchy bags of all sorts. She calls it the "Kiddo Green Thumb Pack".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Word of the Day: Noodle

Today's Etsy search word is noodle.
Noodle Arms is a design by partybots printed on organic, Alternative Apparel shirts.
This broach from likklegirl is titled "Pink Noodle Salad Flies A Kite - Brooch". Adorable!
These gleaming blue bowls would look great with homemade noodle soup inside them! Buy from ClearMountainCraft. They've got loads of other great items as well.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Etsy search word of the day: Coop

Coop is the search word of the day!

BoogerHollowOriginal makes and sells this chicken coop shelf. I see them as a great way to show off ceramic pieces.

BlackMtnFurniture makes these awesome, stackable or hangable primitive coop style vegetable bins. Order them in the size and color of your choice! I could use them all over the house--for linen storage, for crafting supplies, as mudroom cubbies for backpacks, toy bins, and more.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Etsy Search Word: Rodeo

Rodeo is the search term of the day.
SaraGrein's shop has some fantastic rural photography, both B&W and vibrant color. Here's one called Two Herds that fits my theme.RockStockandBarrel offers this "Shining Star" to bejewel your cowgirl neckline.
Cocomo can supply you with fun mosaic tiles in the rodeo realm.

Etsy search word: breakdance

Today's word is breakdance, and what goodies I've found!
Here's a mod spin on an 80's icon from johnwgolden's Etsy store. He's got robots, too!

From the fun shop titled exboyfriend (motto: "add to your collection"), I could snag this messenger bag.From Cmastersphoto comes this triptych of breakdance canvases. Great silhouettes. Don't steal my favorite, I'm saving up my allowance to buy it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Etsy search word: puce

There's only one page of results for the search word "puce". Here's my favorite item with that tag.

Check out SarahKDesigns for this digital print called Tulips at Night. Trust me, she's got many lovely prints to choose from.

Project Headboard

While perusing an antiques mall this past January, I found this amazingly sturdy-yet-weathered cellar door at a bargain price and thought "headboard!". We decided we liked the bed in the corner for the interesting layout it offered, so I framed up the wall and back of the door so that a shelf could rest there.
I have got to brag a little about my carpentry (which, honestly, is quite rudimentry). This headboard is SOLID and SILENT. Nothing moves, squeaks, or bumps under testing conditions!
Now, I'm at a loss for ideas...or at least for decisions. Please help me decide what to do with the giant triangle behind my bed. Leave a suggestion, or respond to my poll, if you please.

Etsy Search Word: Grunge

Today, I'm inspired by the 1990's "Way Back Weekend" on the radio (yes, radio in my home that is not NPR right now--pledge drive time!) Grunge is the word of the day, and here are my favorite finds:
StephsDIY shop is filled with music-based art-attire. Here's one that harkens back to the days when the Seattle sound ruled the airwaves.
The dichotomy of "pretty" and "hardcore" is a bit jarring here, eh? I do (did) so love Alice in Chains. Check out SakuraMonkeyBoutique for more clashes of culture, many inspired by music.
"Three Crows" by GothicCrow is haunting. And it inhabits several art genres at once. I like the gothic-primitive shadowy dimensions. Check out her shop for art and photography.
Although there were 19 pages of items tagged or titled "grunge" I didn't think many fit the descriptor. I'm finding that the case with most of my search word experiements.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Etsy search word: tough

To show the world what a tough girl you are, Beth Cyr Jewelry offers this screen print on several different tops. I would definitely wear this tank!
From LeastLikely2Breed's etsy shop comes a variety of "tough" products. As a mom who nursed her spawn, I know how very necessary nipple balm is. The Bad-Ass Booty Balm (diaper rash ointment), Mother Effer's Va-JJ Jelly, and Better Than Average Lip Balm are additional temptations available from her tell-it-like-it-is store.
Mike and Mary Jewelry offer this, and many other striking items in their shop. I especially like the wide band version of this ring...but this photo just plain rocks!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Searching for "1972"

Here's what I found on Etsy with the search "word" 1972.What groovin' totes! I've been filling journals with my quotation collection since 1989. Those shown here are all logged in my notebooks. I'm not certain why they came up under "1972" but I know that I like them.I'm a camping nut, and when I say camping, I mean tenting. But who can resist the nostalgia of ye old plastic Winnebego? This is awesome.Good 'ole Holly Hobby. She takes me back to when life was nothing but hopes for the future. If only I could have gotten a sneak preview of how amazingly cool I'd grow up to be...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etsy Search Word: Lumber

If "sawdust" were a cologne, I'd spritz my husband and snuggle up to enjoy the scent. Ahhh, lumber. I've been in workshop mode, crafting a headboard.
Browsing Etsy, I've found some lumber-material items (like these!) which are photographed well, and appeal to my needs for art and for function.

I love Adirondack chairs. They're awesome for a shady reading spot, or laptop Etsy-ing in the outdoors. These are even eco-friendly! Check out jeffbuildsfurniture.

How cool are these? I've had a button-making plan in mind, but I'm sure my results won't be as precise as these beauties by littlepurls.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

In syko's Etsy paradise, this print is available on notecards, on a sketchbook, and ready to be framed. I simply cannot decide which to buy!. It's a fun melding of two things I can't get enough of: bicycles and fabric.
1byLiz is an Etsy shop selling handmade items created from re-claimed and re-cycled parts and pieces. This clock appeals to two of my passions: environmental respect and bicycles...and it would perch perfectly in my computer room, where the decor is cycling this and cycling that.
Yes, this shelf is awesome with its Walnut/Maple combo and rustic/finished dichotomy. I even love the photo itself. The glass catching the light, the spring blossoms, the clean lines--it's the dose of springtime that's been missing in my long winter of discontent. Check out this great woodworker's shop for other amazing (and eco-responsible) pieces: ADrauglis.

Chasinglightningbugs' shop is filled with variety. She makes pendants, quilts, and quotations printed on old encyclopedia pages. The one pictured above is in the mail and on its way to my bedroom wall. The quotation is from Much Ado About Nothing, and this is a gift for my beloved.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MIssing Dog

Dude, our sweet, lazy dog ever since I found him as a tar-covered stray puppy on September 11, 2001, has gone missing.

Due to the construction zone at our house, we have removed a section of fencing, and he's roamed the countryside for three weeks...actually he rarely went far since his sight is limited.

These pictures were taken Sunday. Monday afternoon, he vomited gravel, but acted fine. Tuesday morning I let him outside and he hasn't come back.

He's either:
a. taken in by a someone
b. hidden away to die
c. shot by a local gun enthusiast (it happens frequently)

Why didn't we tie him up? With his eye problems, he had trouble on a stake.

I feel awful. And awfully worried. I'll be looking for him today.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Improvement Delays

Amid our construction mayhem, I am unable to sew. I've had to pack away all of my fabric and supplies to avoid insidious construction dust from masonry saws, grinders, and other such frightening equipment.

Presently, our basement has, instead of a door, a gaping hole. There is also a huge hole in the basement floor where the heaved concrete has been removed.

Over three weeks ago, we tore down our dilapidated deck so that construction could begin on a new, sturdy and attractive deck. It has rained nearly every day since then, so progress is slow.
The concrete forms are ready for pouring and stamping next weekend, if the rain does not persist. (But deep ruts abound in our yard. These are not the worst.)

As DIY people, anytime a contractor or repairperson does work at our home, it makes us feel foolishly helpless. We do enjoy the fulfillment of doing projects ourselves, but know that some jobs fall beyond our scope of ability and will turn out much better in the hands of experts. Alas, great sums of cash are changing hands for these jobs, but when it's finished and we landscape it...oh will it be lovely!