Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Really Had a Hold on Me

Today I read Songs for the Missing. Stewart O'Nan's style drew me in. The setting and lives I read about were clearly (but not overly) described. I like his efficient depictions of emotion, and the way his narratives include perspectives from each significant character. Especially impressive were a few carefully composed choppy chapters, each mini paragraph a separate tale with a powerful and meaningful summative effect.

The story has been meticulously researched and has an authentic feel. Though I remained captivated to the end, the final quarter was disappointing. (No spoilers--I'm not here to summarize the book.)

In case this does not sound like an edorsement, I should add that upon finishing, I immediately went to the library for more books by this author. I wonder if he always titles every chapter.

His bio is intriguing as well. He quit engineering at 28 to become a writer, earned a Cornell MFA and has published 11 books in about ten years.

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