Sunday, February 22, 2009


I listed four items in my Etsy shop today, against recommended behavior. I used to be good about creating, then saving listings and spacing them throughout the calendar. Now it's pretty rare that I list new items at all.

Instead of hoarding my newer items for indefinite craft shows, I've begun to list them. There's much photography to be done, so this will take a while. If you take a look, just multiply the general idea times 40 shirts for men and women. I also have at least ten appliqued jackets that I need to photograph and list.

I still hold firm that shoppers enjoy a tactile experience and spend more freely when they can touch and try on items, but juries for craft festivals peruse the shops, so the wider variety of items and price points they see me offer, the better my chances.

The idea of trying-on brings to mind my recent thrift/antique store quest. I've been trying to scrounge up a tall folding screen or a circular shower curtain loop in order to establish a private changing nook in future booths. There have been a few near-misses on Craigslist, but no affordable jackpot so far.

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